Science of Self Accreditation 17-18-19 September 2019 (3 Days)

Science of Self Accreditation 17-18-19 September 2019 (3 Days)

The Science of Self Accreditation is an accelerated, three-day accreditation to earn your DISC Accreditation, Motivators Accreditation and EQ Accreditation and gain access to six cutting-edge assessment tools. If you are a trainer, coach or consultant looking for an assessment toolkit to complement your business, look no further!


  • Course Title: Science of Self Accreditation (includes DISC, Motivators and EQ Accreditation)
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Start Time: 9am (each day)
  • Finish Time: 5pm (each day)
  • Venue: CBD area
  • Materials: Materials will be provided
  • Dress: Business casual
  • Pre Study: There is no pre-study requirement other than to complete your profile

The 3 Accreditations:

  • DISC Accreditation
  • Workplace Motivators Accreditation
  • TTI Emotional Quotient Accreditation

The 6 Assessments:

  • DISC Profile
  • Workplace Motivators
  • TTI Emotional Quotient
  • Talent Insights (Double Science Profile)
  • Behavioural Intelligence (Double Science Profile)
  • TriMetrix EQ (Triple Science Profile)


  • $3750+GST (contact us for the early bird special price)

More Information:

How to Book Your Seat:

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You can also email us at info@ttisuccessinsights.com.au

Event Details

Tue 17th September 2019 - Thu 19th September 2019

Location: Perth

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