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Building Your Business is Our Business

For over 30 years we have been partnering with trainers, coaches and consultants around the globe to help grow their business. We are not a training or consulting company - we are an assessment company! This means that all of our resources are dedicated to help our partners market, sell and implement assessment-based talent management solutions. It also means that when we work with your business we do not compete with you for this kind of work - instead, we are your partner.







Note: If you are an internal HR, OD or L&D professional or another business leader, we have distributors around Australia who specialise in different things. If you are looking to use assessments in your business, give us a call on 02 9360 6111 and we can introduce you to the most appropriate distributor, with the right expertise in your area.

HBB Group chooses to partner with TTI Success Insights — the pioneers of DISC and the multi-science approach to assessment. Through the TTISI suite of products, we have helped our clients gain powerful behavioural insights to directly improve performance, drive sales, and increase productivity in a variety of settings and professional frameworks. In addition to having the world’s most validated and reliable tools, TTISI has an outstanding support team, who have helped us implement assessment solutions in key talent management areas including sales training, customer service, leadership programs, management skills, mentoring, and team building. In short, TTISI is an invaluable assessment partner for all four businesses in our group: Kona Sales Training - Healthy Business Builder - Business Coaches Sydney - Sparkle Training
Healthy Business Builder
Garret Norris
Managing Director, The Healthy Business Builder Group

A Few Reasons to Join Our Network

5 Sciences of Performance

Our assessments are built on the foundation of 5 sciences of performance exploring Behaviours, Driving Forces, Emotional Intelligence, Acumen/Decision Making and Competencies - making the TTISI Suite the most versatile set of assessments in the world.

World First in Multi-Science

TTISI was the first company in the world to pioneer the “multi-science” approach to assessing people, meaning we use multiple assessments, exploring different traits to gain a more complete understanding.

Over 30 Years’ Experience

We have been a trusted provider in Australia, New Zealand and the world for over 30 years having accredited thousands of professionals. We are a well established business with a proven track record and are not going anywhere.

More than 10 Different Assessment Tools

Our suite of tools is based on 5 sciences and includes single, double, triple and even quad science profiles. This means that no matter how deep you want to go, you will always be able to find the right TTISI assessment.

Apply to Entire Employment Life-Cycle

Our assessments are used in every kind of business function, including recruitment, induction, team building, sales & customer service training, coaching, and leadership development.

Australian & New Zealand Norm

Our report graphs have been normed using local data samples from the Australian & New Zealand populations. We are continually refining our assessments and working toward localising, not just translating our assessments.

The People with the Passion Own the Business

We are not owned by an investor, publishing house or multi-national. TTISI Global is still privately owned by its founders and they control how money is allocated to research and development. This means we are focused on longevity and success not a quick buck for shareholders.