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Talent Insights®

Talent Insights® Profile

What is Talent Insights®?

Talent Insights®: Double-Science Profile

Talent Insights® was developed as the world’s first multi-science assessment. It is unique in the market because it combines the power of TTISI’s world famous DISC and Driving Forces assessments into a single, integrated report, blending feedback from both tools. If you are already using DISC, upgrading to the more powerful Talent Insights® is a must!

Talent Insights®: A Double Science Assessment

As a double-science assessment, Talent Insights® provides us with two perspectives to understand the people we work with: it explores their behavioural style (HOW they prefer to behave and communicate) as well as their personal motivators/drivers (WHY they move into action).

When using a traditional single-dimensional assessment, we can miss (or have to assume) so much about what makes a person who they are. With a multi-science assessment, such as Talent Insights®, we have more places to look for answers and a more complete framework to help people understand themselves and others.

Talent Insights® - Multi–science – Behaviours Motivators

The Multi-Science Advantage

For example, a person with a strong "intellectual" driving force will have a thirst for knowledge and opportunities to learn. Why is it then that some people with a strong intellectual driving force need to know everything about a subject, while others are comfortable with only a high-level understanding? The answer may lie in the person's behavioural style; that is, HOW they will go about satisfying that driving force. Once we uncover their behavioural (DISC) style, we can better understand how two "intellectually" motivated people might appear to be very different individuals. For instance, a person with a high "D" behavioural style and a strong intellectual driving force might want as much high-level information as fast as they can get it, while a person with a high "C" behavioural style and the strong "intellectual" driving force might want to completely immerse themselves in a subject to fully understand as much as possible. The Talent Insights® assessment will help you and your customers better understand and appreciate both a person's behavioural style and their personal motivators/drivers.

To better understand the concept of multi-science assessments and the advantages of the TTI Success Insights® suite of tools, check out our blog post Advantages of the TTI Success Insights® Suite.

Talent Insights® is a Multi-Science Assessment, Combining



Exploring the science of Behaviour or How we perfer to behave & communicate

Driving Forces

Driving Forces

Exploring the science of Motivation or Why we move into action

What Does Talent Insights® Measure?

Talent Insights®: The first "multi-science" assessment in the world!

The Talent Insights® is a powerful assessment combining two sciences, helping you to explore two key areas of performance:

  • HOW we behave and communicate — using the world famous DISC assessment
  • WHY we move into action — using the simple yet powerful Driving Forces™ assessment

This powerful combination produces a 35+ page report that covers 3 sections: Behaviours, Driving Forces, as well as an integrated section combining Behavioural and Driving Force feedback. With this unique and powerful blend, your recruitment, management and development activities will be well supported by research-based, validated, and most importantly easy-to-apply assessments.

The Behaviours Section (DISC)

Talent Insights® - DISC Profile

The Worlds Leading DISC Assessment. The TTI Success Insights® DISC profile is available in a number of different versions specifically designed for different applications. The suite includes reports designed for use in recruitment and selection as well as more comprehensive coaching and development reports. Unlike some of the more primitive DISC models, our DISC assessments provide feedback on all four factors to truly capture how we are unique at a behavioural level and avoid pigeonholing people. The 4 core DISC behaviours measured are:

  • Dominance - How we respond to problems & challenges.
  • Influence - How we respond to people & contact.
  • Steadiness - How we respond to pace & consistency.
  • Compliance - How we respond to procedures & constraints.

Note: The behaviours section also includes the Behavioural Hierarchy: 12 sub-behavioural tendencies based on the core four.

The Driving Forces Section

Exploring 12 Driving Forces™. The Driving Forces profile is a 14-page report. It takes you a step beyond the standard behavioural assessment to dive deeper into the world of personal values. There are 12 drivers measured by the assessment:

Talent Insights® - Driving Forces Profile
  • Intellectual - Driven by opportunities to learn, acquire knowledge and the discovery of truth.
  • Instinctive - Driven by utilising past experiences, intuition and seeking specific knowledge when necessary.
  • Resourceful - Driven by practical results, maximising both efficiency and returns for their investments of time, talent, energy and resources.
  • Selfless - Driven by completing tasks for the sake of completion, with little expectation of personal return.
  • Harmonious - Driven by the experience, subjective viewpoints and balance in their surroundings.
  • Objective - Driven by the functionality and objectivity of their surroundings.
  • Altruistic - Driven to assist others for the satisfaction of being helpful and supportive.
  • Intentional - Driven to assist others for a specific purpose, not just for the sake of being helpful or supportive.
  • Commanding - Driven by status, recognition and control over personal freedom.
  • Collaborative - Driven by being in a supporting role and contributing with little need for individual recognition.
  • Structured - Driven by traditional approaches, proven methods and a defined system for living.
  • Receptive - Driven by new ideas, methods and opportunities that fall outside a defined system for living.

Note: Driving Forces also includes feedback on what a person should try to avoid based on their motivators. TTI’s brain-based research confirms that this has a deep subconscious impact on our decision making.

The Blended Section

Talent Insights® was the first assessment in the world to include an integration between different models. This integrated section explores the influence of one dimension of performance on another — in this case, one's DISC behavioural style and personal motivators/drivers. Included in the Talent Insights® Coaching Report is a section that explores how an individual's driving forces might impact their DISC behavioural style and vice versa. This is not available from any other assessment provider.

Versions of the Talent Insights® Profile

The Talent Insights® series is made up of a collection of reports designed to support your initiatives and help achieve the outcomes you are looking for. All of our tools have been designed with flexibility, practicality and multiple uses in mind. This means you can invest once in the right profile and use it throughout the employee life cycle to maximise your investment. As a multi-science report, Talent Insights® explores both Behavioural Style and Personal Motivators/Drivers. There are four sets of reports in this series, including:

Profile Jobs

Talent Insights® Job Profiles

Providing a validated way to profile the unique positions in any business and determine the "ideal" mix of behaviours and driving forces for a superior performer. We refer to this as "Position Benchmarking".

Profile Teams

Talent Insights® Selection Profiles

A shortened version of the full report designed to provide hiring managers with what they need to understand a candidate's behavioural and motivational mix.

Profile Individuals

Talent Insights® Comparison and Gap Reports

A set of reports to visually display personal reports against a benchmark (for example, in the selection process to see how closely someone matches a benchmark).

Profiles for Coaching

Talent Insights® Coaching and Development Reports

A set of reports that comprehensively explores a person's behavioural style and driving forces. These reports are available in General, Sales and Executive versions.

Common Uses for the Talent Insights®

The DISC and Driving Forces models are both wonderfully versatile tools. The Talent Insights® profile is commonly used in the following functions:


  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Family Relationships
  • Marriage Counselling
  • Career Planning


  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Induction
  • Position Benchmarking

Strategy and Management

  • Competency Framework/Development
  • Engagement/Motivation
  • Planning and Strategy
  • Change Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Outplacement
  • Culture/Transformation

Training and Development

  • Leadership Development
  • Communication Effectiveness
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Sales Development
  • Customer Service Training
  • Coaching/Mentoring Relationships

Why they Love Talent Insights®



They love Talent Insights because it helps them understand how to communicate to the coachee as well as what will motivate them.



They love Talent Insights because it contains two models with a wide range of application possibilities.



They love Talent Insights because it provides a deeper degree of insight than traditional behavioural assessments.

Talent Insights® Accreditation via the Science of Self™ Accreditation

To access the Talent Insights® series, accreditation is first required. To achieve your Talent Insights® accreditation, you will need to attend our Science of Self™ Accreditation. In this 2-day training program, you will attain certification in DISC (behaviour), Driving Forces (personal motivators/drivers) and EQ (emotional intelligence).

Ultimate OD Toolkit

As part of this accreditation you will get:

  • Earn 3 internationally recognised accreditations
  • Gain access to 6 cutting edge assessments
  • Maintain lifetime access to our award-winning e-learning platform
  • Receive the Science of Self™ Manual
  • Receive DISC & Driving Forces activity belts
  • Be personally debriefed on your 60+ page TriMetrix EQ profile
  • Receive copies of our research and validation data
  • Unlock FREE access for 1 year to Facilitators Heaven, including:

    • Facilitation process documents
    • Complete DISC facilitator's notes
    • Complete 12 Driving Forces facilitator's notes
    • Complete Emotional Quotient facilitator's notes
    • 200+ DISC workbook/activity pages
    • 200+ Driving Forces workbook/activity pages
    • 200+ EQ workbook/activity pages
    • 1000+ PowerPoint Slides
Unlimited Phone And Email Support From Our Team

The Ultimate OD Toolkit at the Ultimate Price

Unlike most assessment companies, we are able to provide you with more than one perspective, ensuring you have a more complete understanding of human performance. In total, we offer 5 sciences of performance. Attending the Science of Self™ accreditation will ensure you have more tools, resources, solutions, and better quality training to solve more client challenges — and ultimately win more business!

There are two options available for attending this course. Our most popular option is our Live Virtual Public Program. These are facilitated monthly from our purpose-built virtual training studio. The second option is to arrange an In-House Program (available if you have a group of 5 or more people). These in-house programs can be customised to target specific outcomes for your group.

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