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DNA Accreditation

Competencies Certified

TTISI Competencies Certified

The TTI Success Insights Competencies Certification is another powerful addition for any trainer, coach or consultant's toolkit, and is an internationally recognised accreditation that signifies a person's understanding of the TTI DNA® Assessment. DNA is a highly sought after tool around the globe and our accreditation process will help you put it into practice. If you are looking for a model to help you and others understand different competencies they have mastered and to what level, our DNA Accreditation can help.

The First Multi-Science Accreditation

Multi-Science Certified

When you only have a hammer, every situation is a nail.

TTI Success Insights® was the first company to develop a series of 'multi-science' assessments. This means we have a unique ability to understand people from multiple perspectives and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of individual uniqueness. Unlike traditional assessment companies, TTISI continues to strive for deeper insight and understanding by combining multiple sciences of performance.

The DNA Accreditation enables people to understand and interpret the TTI DNA® assessment. The TTI DNA® assessment is a powerful model that explores 25 business-related competencies and our level of mastery in each. This assessment goes beyond behaviour to look at which personal skills we have mastered — something a behavioural assessment cannot do! We are the only company in Australia who can provide you with both a multi-science accreditation as well as multi-science tools, thus providing you with a unique competitive advantage.

DNA Accreditation via the ACI-DNA Upgrade Accreditation

Ultimate OD Toolkit

In order to access the DNA profile, accreditation is first required. There are two steps to achieve DNA accreditation:

(Please note that step 1 must be completed before step 2)

The Ultimate OD Toolkit Extension

In ACI-DNA Accreditation, we will explore the DNA model (looking at WHICH competencies people have mastered) and the ACI model (looking at WHAT personal talents people have at their disposal). We will also look at the integration of these two models with the rest of the TTI suite of tools, ensuring you have a more complete understanding of human performance.

The ACI-DNA Accreditation is facilitated via a series of weekly virtual sessions (approximately 12-14 weeks depending on public holidays etc). These are facilitated from our purpose-built virtual training studio. Each week there will be a facilitator-led workshop accompanied by additional self-study exercises to help embed the learning.

Unlike most assessment companies, we are able to provide you with more than one perspective, ensuring you have a more complete understanding of human performance. In total, we offer 5 sciences of performance. Attending the ACI-DNA "multi-science” accreditation will ensure you have more tools, resources, solutions, and better quality training to solve more client challenges — and ultimately win more business!

The investment for this accreditation option
$7450 + GST

This program is run on a needs basis - contact us for details.

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