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Emotional Quotient Accreditation

TTI Success Insights Emotional Quotient™ Certified

The TTI Success Insights Emotional Quotient™ Certification is another powerful addition for any trainer, coach or consultant's toolkit, and is an internationally recognised accreditation that signifies a person's understanding of the TTI EQ Assessment. TTI EQ is a highly sought after tool around the globe and our accreditation process will help you put it into practice. If you are looking for a model to help you and others understand, appreciate and apply the concepts of emotional intelligence, our EQ Accreditation can help.

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The First Multi-Science Accreditation

When you only have a hammer, every situation is a nail!

TTI Success Insights® was the first company to develop a series of "multi-science" assessments. This means we have a unique ability to understand people from multiple perspectives and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of uniqueness. Unlike traditional assessment companies, TTISI continues to strive for deeper insight and understanding by combining multiple sciences of performance.

The EQ Accreditation is a powerful next step for anyone who has been exposed to behavioural-based assessments, for example DISC. Our TTI EQ assessment will provide you with a model to use in applying and developing the principles of emotional intelligence. The TTI EQ provides a platform for discussion around how actively people are applying the principles of emotional intelligence — something a behavioural assessment cannot do! We are the only company in Australia who can provide you with both a multi-science accreditation as well as multi-science assessment tools, thus providing you a unique competitive advantage.

Emotional Quotient Accreditation

via the Science of Self™ Accreditation

To access the Emotional Quotient profile, accreditation is first required. To achieve your EQ accreditation, you will need to attend our Science of Self™ Accreditation. In this 2-day training program, you will attain certification in DISC (exploring behaviour), Motivators (exploring motivation/values) and EQ (exploring emotional intelligence).

As part of this accreditation you will receive:

  • 3 Internationally Recognised Accreditations
  • Access to 6 Cutting Edge Assessment Tools
  • Over 750 Full Colour PDF Workbook Pages
  • Complete Manuals and Reference Materials
  • Over 400 PowerPoint Slides
  • Research and Validation Data
  • Free separate private session after the accreditation
  • Free ongoing support and advice anytime you need it

Unlike most assessment companies, we are able to provide you with more than one perspective, ensuring you have a more complete understanding of human performance. In total, we offer 5 sciences of performance. Attending the Science of Self™ accreditation will ensure you have more tools, resources, solutions, and better quality training to solve more client challenges — and ultimately win more business!

There are several options available for attending this course. Our most popular option is our Public Program run around Australia and New Zealand on a regular basis. The next option can be delivered as an In-House Program (available if you have a group of 5 or more people). Where necessary, the program can also be Facilitated Online, staged over a series of webinars (minimum of 3 participants).

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The investment for this accreditation option is $3750 +GST

Early bird discounts apply - contact us for further details.

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